An instrument for change

EBB is an NGO which helps partners develop new policy ideas that aim to reduce the use of fossil carbon through the use of renewable and biodegradable materials and energy sources

How we work

The European Bioeconomy Bureau (EBB) has two main activities:

  1. To advocate for policies which have a positive impact on regenerative and restorative practices that help close the carbon cycle through the use of renewable and biodegradable materials and energy sources.  To this end we operate as a loose coalition of the like-minded, including researchers, academics, NGOs and other associations, policy makers and businesses interested in this sector.  The EBB creates a meeting and discussion space for all its partners to co-design policies to regenerate territories both ecologically and socially.  The employment of renewable materials and energy is a starting point for new initiatives to decarbonize, innovate, regenerate different value chains.

  2. The EBB will work with all interested parties to develop and implement research projects aimed at improving our understanding of the bioeconomy, of biotechnologies and of inter-related systems that involve both rural and industrial sectors.  

The EBB is non-political and adhesion to the initiative is free for all entities.  The EBB may receive funding from institutions, Governments, NGOs, charities, private individuals and companies to develop research – funding income is subject to disclosure. 

The EBB annual accounts are available to all partners and funders.